PRIME GLASS project LIFE12 ENV/IT/001020 – Public supply request

Stara Glass selects one or two companies to 1) supply and 2) install the following items for an end-fired regenerative glass furnace, that will allow us to test an experimental high temperature air-staging technique:

– No. 2 fused-cast AZS (min 33% ZrO2) ports – About 11500 kg

– No. 2 fused-cast AZS (min 33% ZrO2) burner zones – About 750 kg

– No. 2 fused-cast AZS (min 33% ZrO2) chamber penertration zones – About 9500 kg

– No. 1 zirconium-mullite connection duct

We ask the companies that are interested at supplying and/or installing the said items to contact us at in order to ask us for the technical specifications that can not be reported here in order to protect the reserved data of the plant