The University of Genova


The University of Genova, founded in 1471, is an academic institution with several Departements covering the main areas of science and technology. Unigenova is considered  among the best Italian universities in terms of quality of research, and takes part in numerous European projects. The Department Mechanical, energetic, management and transport engineering(DIME), was organized in 2011 by the union of the Departments of Mechanical Engineering: DIMSET-DIMEC-DIPTEM.  DIME has a permanent staff of 82 professors, 126 technical and administrative. At present 32 Research associates and 80 Ph.D. students are working on research. The average annual budget for research is 6 MEuro mainly from European Research and national and international industries . The average number of scientific papers published in international journals is 170 and presented at international meetings is 160. The following Ph.D. courses are directed by the Department: Mechanical Engineering, Mathematical engineering and simulation, Fluid machinery engineering. The external Ph.D. courses are directed by professors from DIME: Logistics and transportation, Computational intelligence. DIME is the reference department in the Unigenova for all the academic courses on Mechanical Engineering and is responsible for the organization and management of the curricula in Mechanical Engineering. The specific competence in relation to the proposed technical actions comes from the former department DIMSET (Fluid Machinery, Energy Systems and Transportation) that is a section in DIME. The competence is related to computational and experimental fluid dynamics for fluid machinery, power plants and energy systems. Several numerical and experimental facilities are available. Research contracts from EU, industries for applied research and technology transfer are the reference experience of the staff in former DIMSET now DIME.


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