Stara Glass


Stara Glass was established in Pisa in the early fifties under the name of STARA (Tuscan Company for Clays, Refractory scraps and Similar) and specialized in activities of demolition, removal and treatment of refractory waste resulting, in general, from industrial furnaces. The starting activity was then integrated by rebuilding works, maintenance services under high temperature conditions and design services, as well as some agreements with the best worldwide-known refractory producers. Nowadays Stara is deeply committed with advanced and innovative high efficiency glass furnace design and it has therefore widened its R&D activity, focusing on the following aspects: increase the furnace thermal efficiency; decrease of fuel consumptions; reduction of plant managing costs; development of new metallic and ceramic materials to improve performance and extend life of the furnace components working under the most critical situations; lowering of waste gas pollution, in particularNOx; optimization of the furnace mathematical modeling under all the aspects related to cost efficiency and thermofluid dynamics; improvement of the inspection system for a better evaluation of the state of working materials. The most recent achievement of  R&D department is “Centauro”, the hybrid regenerative-recuperative heat recovery system. Stara intends to develop these studies in order to get the highest benefits deriving from the acquired patent.

Stara Glass participated and still takes part in many research programs, such as: PUMA (Advanced Unit Melter Design), CORE (Development of new components  conceived to increase plant thermal efficiency and life in glass furnaces), SEMPRE (Development of design methods and new technological solutions aimed at increasing energy recovery in complex plants). The Stara Glass R&D activities have given rise to various ltalian and lnternational patents, mainly concerned with the use of new materials and new technological solutions for plant engineering.


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